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Hello everyone, I'm Andrea McGraw!.  I am from Fresno,Ca.  I was born and raised there and lived there for 24 years  before moving to Los Angeles, Ca. As a child I was a little ham always singing and dancing around in my mom's high heels.  My mom used to call me "Wild Woman".  I did a few fashion shows around town and took ballet, tap and jazz for 12 years.  My dance career ended when I had to have knee surgery. I was sort of the band geek in high school and the little nerdy girl nobody really paid attention to. On my 16th birthday I discovered a lump in my breast.  It was a pretty scary moment in my life.  The scariest part is having to wait to see if it is cancerous.  My lump was not cancerous, but this is the reason I strongly support breast cancer awareness.

I attended Fresno City College after high school, but soon realized that at the time college was not for me.  I put a picture on a model directory site and began getting responses from photographers.  I then did what every girl from a small town with a big dream does, I moved to Los Angeles.  I have been featured in commercials, television and music videos. I have also modeled for various sites on the worldwide web.

I am a fun and energetic girl with a big heart.  If you are ever feeling down and just want to have that funny bone tickled give me a call.  I am not just a pretty face, I have the brains too. My main goal is to enjoy life with my friends and be a successful business woman whether it be modeling, acting or something else. I want to lay on Little Palm Island with my best friend as we reap the benefits of my success.

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